AMAP Audio Tours

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The Audio Tour Pilot component is creating audio tours for pilot sites that have already been served by AMAP. The tours—which will use the cellular capabilities of the country—will introduce 21st century technology into the tourism experience while also generating donations to increase AMAP’s ability to expand its operation while lessening its reliance on annual donor pledge drives.

The project has 5 multi-language audio tours that will be available to the public using their cellular-enabled devices. The tours will be in the five main languages for the project (Armenian, English, Russian, Italian and French).

Our first five Audio Tour sites will be Garni, Geghard, Agarak, Aghtsk and Yerevan.  

Using the audio tour is easy: each site will have a dedicated phone number and you simply follow the audio instructions to take your own self-guided tour!  As the pilot project succeeds, we will add more sites to the audio tour list.