AMAP Goals

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The project goal is to stimulate sustainable economic development that springs from the cultural and tourism opportunities at Armenian monuments and destinations. At the same time the project will increase public-private alliances for AMAP’s programming while assisting in monument preservation for future generations.


The objective of the proposed project is to enhance economic capacity at the local level while also enhancing the visitor experience at Armenian sites and promoting the preservation of Armenian Monuments. It is also to create sustainable income for future development at these sites while strengthening the bond between communities and their monuments.
The proposed strategy is to create visible improvements at Armenian historical, cultural and natural monuments, which promotes and develops Armenia’s capacity in tourism, then to create sustainable income opportunities at the local level so that the private sector begins preservation and promotion of monuments and destinations.


The Armenian Monuments Awareness Project (AMAP) is a permanent project to increase awareness of Armenia’s historical, cultural and natural monuments by creating and installing signed, print, multimedia and online presentations at selected sites while creating a viable, sustainable public-private partnership to create, develop and maintain programming at Armenian monuments. Our main goals are:

  • Create and install multilanguage, multiple media interpretive displays, directional signage and visitor experiences for Armenia’s Historic and Cultural Monuments.
  • Do the same for Armenian museums and excavations.
  • Create Nature Trails and install multilanguage, multiple media interpretive displays, directional signage and visitor experiences for Armenia’s Natural Monuments.
  • Create materials for physically impaired visitors.
  • Develop Trails that group monuments according to themes and further enhance the visitor experience. Develop local capacities to serve visitors using the trails.
  • Develop and enhance tourist infrastructure that is self-sustaining (rest stops, welcome centers, access and facilities at individual monuments).
  • Create sustainable income-generating projects that go hand-in-hand with the above goals with income going to local communities, preservation of monuments and the sustainability continuation of our project.
  • Create income-generating opportunities for local communities near monuments in order to develop their ability to preserve those monuments.
  • Create and disseminate multi-media multi-language information about Armenian monuments.
  • Create multi-language, multimedia presentations to select sites, including audio tours, video and film, online and other media formats.
  • Create an online database of Armenian monuments and companion Armenian Heritage web site.
  • Educate adjacent communities, the Armenian community at large and international visitors to Armenia of the Armenian rich and diverse cultural, historical and natural heritage.
  • Conduct other activities to assist the awareness and preservation of Armenian Monuments, including research, networking, conferences and seminars.
  • Cooperate with other organizations as appropriate to further the aims of the project.