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AMAP Announces the Launch of CULTURe EXchange Platform [CULTUR-EXP] Project

 Armenian Monuments Awareness Project (AMAP) announces the launch of the CULTURe EXchange Platform [CULTUR-EXP] project, which is implemented under the European Union’s Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 2007-2013” The project began on 1 July 2013. It involves organizations from five countries: Georgia, Armenia, Greece, Bulgaria and Moldova. The project duration is 24 months.

The objective of the project is to facilitate the cross-border exchange of culture by providing an innovative, multi-lingual IT platform, based on available open source social platform solutions and adapted for culture producers (artists, directors or art, festival organizers), culture operators (museums, festivals, etc.) and other actors of the culture market. The platform will be an online tool, where all cultural professional and organizations in the Black Sea region will be able to advertise, discuss and organize cultural activities and events. The platform will also be an important source of information about the culture and related cultural events (artists, operators, events) for art lovers and culture consumers.


The project is led by:

  •  Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association (GRENA),  Georgia                                                                                                                                                                                            Prof. Ramaz Kvatadze e-mail:, Tel.: +995 32 2250590

The project partners are:


1. European Regional Framework for Co-operation [ERFC], Greece Mr. Nikolas Petropoulos e-mail: Tel.: + 30 693 6656204

2. District Government of Burgas, Republic of Bulgaria Ms. Borislava Yordanova e-mail: Tel: +359 56 894149

3.Armenian Monuments Awareness Project Cultural NGO, Republic of Armenia Mr. Richard Ney e-mail: Tel.: +374 10 532455

4. Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova (RENAM), Republic of Moldova Dr. Petru Bogatencov, e-mail: Tel.: +373 22 739827

Interested cultural operators, festival organizer, museums, culture related sites, galleries, other relevant and independent artists interested to promote their culture work via Black Sea CULTURE-EXP platform are welcome to contact the Project partners for further information.

CULTUR-EXP project,

CULTUR-EXP Project Management Office, e-mail: Tel.: +995 32 2250590