Nature Trail 2009: 2009 Flower Trail

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Aragats Flower Trail

 Aragats Flower Trail

The trail between Yerevan and up Mt. Aragats  to Nor Amberd and Amberd Fortress takes in a part of Armenia with extraordinary contrasts; covering a series of vegetation zones from semi-desert to steppe and Alpine zones with carpets of flowers.

Peak season is shown by roman numerals: III = March, IV  = April, V = May, VI = June, etc.  

1. Merendera trigyna II-IV
2. Colchicum bifolium III-IV
3. Puschkinia scilloides III-V
4. Gagea III-V
5. Scilla armena IV
6. Grape Hyacinth Muscari IV-V
7. Bellevalia pycnantha IV-V
8. Gladiolus tenuis) VI
9. Ornithogalum schelkovnikovii) VI-VII
10. Tomanthea spectabilis) VI-VII
11. Chartolepis glastifolia) VI-VII
12. Centaurea polypodiifolia VI-VII
13. Acantholimon, Astragalus VI-VII
14. Amigdalus fenzliana III-IV
15. Secale montana VI-VII

The text by Eleonora Gabrielyan, President of Armenian Botanical Society.