Yerevan: Arno Babajanian

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Arno Babajanian Statue

Arno Babajanian Statue (46)

Arno Babajanian was a Soviet era Armenian composer and pianist, whose music won him international fame. Babajanian was one of the most popular composers of the 1970s-80s era, especially his “Song of First Love”, “Yerevan”, “Call Me”, “Wedding”, “Year of Love”, “Best city in the world”, and others fondly recalled by people of a certain age and still enjoyed by people of all ages. He is popularly interpreted by contemporary singers.

The statue (sculptor David Bejanian) depicts the composer's personality and explosive musicality, and was controversial when first unveiled, some thinking it too expressive. It has since become a landmark of central Yerevan.

Original text edited by the International Council on Monuments and Sites-Armenian National Committee (ICOMOS/ Armenia).