Erebuni Museum

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Erebuni Museum Hall 2 - Display 14


This tomb was discovered in 1984 during construction at the Yerevan Auto Aggregate factory. The tomb is a rectangular structure (3.46 m long, 1.9m wide, 2.15m tall) built on a north-south axis. The entrance is at the north (1.29m high, 0.75wide, 0.54m thick) blocked by a large tufa slab from the outside. The rich findings discovered at the tomb and its cache illustrate Urartian ideas about the soul and the other world – ideas that are reflected in Armenian legends.

The funeral rite showed Urartian's understanding of the transition between birth, life, death and the after life journey into the other world. Urartu’s burial rites were influenced by burial rites practiced by the numerous tribes under its control, reflecting the empire’s ethnic, economic and cultural diversity.