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Erebuni Museum Hall 3 - Display 15

 Apart from applied art, religious cuneiform inscriptions also serve as a rich source of information about Urartu (Kingdom of Van) and its beliefs. The cuneiform inscription called “the Mher Door” (Gates of the god Khaldi) left by Kings Menua and Ishpuini on a rock cliff in Van names 79 gods and goddesses in the Urartian Pantheon and specifies the amount of sacrifice each is due. The Supreme Gods of Urartu were Khaldi – the god of the sky; Teisheba – the god of war and thunder; and Shivini – the god of the sun.

Even though the inscription on the Mher Door contains the names of the gods worshipped by all tribes within Urartu, the expression “Khaldi is powerful, the most powerful among other gods” frequently used in cuneiform inscriptions point to the dominant position of this Urartian god. The Mher Door is often compared to the Raven's Stone mentioned in the Armenian epic poem Sassuntsi Davit (David of Sassun).