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Karahundj 4: Why were they placed here?. How It May Have Worked.

Why were they placed here?

One thing that was not clear is why these stones were placed here. Archeologists believed the stones were placed around graves as monuments or ritual stones. Some suggest holes carved in the stones were used to lash the stones and pull them into place. Archaeoastronomers say this is unlikely, pointing out the holes are placed in the weakest part of the massive stones insuring they would break with the slightest pressure, and that they are only on some of the stones—those that point to point to points on the night sky. They further ask why the holes were so carefully carved, in such exact proportions if they were to be used only once and to haul stones in place.

Astro-archeologists concluded the stones were a particular kind of telescopic instrument. Coming on the heels of astrophysicist Elma Parsamian's discovery of the observatory at Metsamor, the stones at Karahundj strongly supports her hypothesis that ancestral Armenians were indeed navigators, they had an intimate understanding of the stars, knew how to plot latitude and longitude, even how to divide time.

How It May Have Worked

According to others the site is not one but a series of astronomical instruments, stones used to scan specific points in the night sky while others were used to correct its position. They point to three stones (#63, 62, 60) including one (# 60) which has one tip higher than the other, said to be a sighting point for (#62), which has an eye-hole that looks right over (#60) tip. (#60) has an eye-hole that also looks at the tip of (#63) aka “the rooster” but from a different angle. That is said to be the leveling stone for the first two, used to adjust the main stone if it fell out of alignment.

This view is contested and has yet to be independently proved, but it does add to the mystery surrounding Karahundj and begs future research.