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Karahundj 6: Dating the Stones: When were they erected?.

Dating the Stones: When were they erected?

Some archeologists believe the stones are contemporary to the graves while others believe they were built at a different time, most likely before the graves. While some artifacts found in the graves have their design origins in the early Bronze Age, the graves themselves are believed to be early or mid-Bronze Age (2000-1800 BCE).

Some suggest a “key stone” at the site points to an extremely ancient age for the site. The stone (#137) appears as though it may have once had a carved periscope. Using the periscope to bolster their argument, these supporters say the stone could have been used to gaze on a specific astronomical event directly above the site.

Suggested dating for the site ranges from Heruni's dating of 7500 years ago (6th-1st millennia BCE) to the beginning of the Bronze Age (2nd millennium BCE). Stars ascendant above Karahundj throughout this period include Deneb, Arcturus, Vega and Capella.

This view is controversial and highly contested by archeologists and archaeoastronomers alike, critics pointing to the inability to ascertain which stars were seen by which stones over thousands of years of earthquakes, natural earth movement and the deteriorating condition of stones.

Archeologists believe the primary function of the stones are religious or commemorative in nature, and in fact, the real use for the stones may never be fully understood, adding to the mystery of Karahundj.