Khor Virap

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Khor Virap's place is fixed by the founder of the Armenian Church, Grigor Lusavorich (Gregory the Illunminator). The story of his imprisonment at Khor Virap and ministry is as much a story of the survival of the Armenian Kingdom as it is of the conversion of the country to Christianity.

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How to reach

Take H8, turn L (SE) and continue for about 800 m to a R (S) road that in about 750 m meets the (M2); cross over the (M2) to enter Pokr Vedi/Khor Virap and continue for about 2.7 km and past the village to a fork in the road (look for a large statue of a Fedaiyi on a low hill in front). Take the R fork for about 1.5 km to the car park for ARTASHAT- KHOR VIRAP.