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Matenadaran: Miniatures Stand 1 side 4.

 Several exceptionally valuable miniatures created by unknown artists date back to the 10th-11th centuries and come to us preserved: among them “Queen M'lke Gospel” (before 862) held in the Library of the Mekhitarist Congregation of Venice, “The Vehapar Gospel” (10th c., found 1977), “Gospel of Moghni” (11th c.), and “Gospel of 1038”.

In “The Vehapar Gospel” the position of the miniatures on the page (vertical to the page and the text) shows they were copied from an ancient original (pattern book), perhaps from the pictures drawn on parchment scrolls and have traditional iconographic forms.

“Queen M'lke Gospel” has features typical for the period using rules of medieval painting, which were then in use, and includes peculiarities of more ancient art forms.


9. Transfiguration, “The Vehapar
Gospel”, Matenadaran, MS
10780, pg. 44b
10. Ascension, “Queen M'lke
Gospel”, before 862, Venice,
Mekhitarist library
11. The Presentation of Jesus at the
Temple, “Gospel of Moghni”,
11th c., Matenadaran MS 7736,
pg. 13a

Text and images provided by the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts.

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