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Matenadaran: Miniatures Stand 2 side 3.

In the 14th century a unique school of painting formed at the medieval Armenian university at Gladzor (Vayots Dzor Region). Here some of the country's most talented artists – Momik, Avag, Toros Taronatsi, Poghos Cilicetsi created masterpieces. Based on the rich traditions of local and Cilician Armenian miniature painting, they reached a new level of artistic expression, making significant contributions to the development of miniature book art in Greater Armenia. One of these artists, Momik, was also a talented architect and sculptor who built churches and carved richly ornamented khachkars.

In the 14th-15th centuries Tatev University became an important center of Armenian miniature painting in Siunik region, known for its ancient art traditions. Grigor Tatevatsi, a prominent scholar, philosopher and teacher, worked at Tatev University along with his disciples.

In the same period a great number of manuscripts were created and illustrated in neighboring Artsakh.


7. Ascension, Pentecost, Gospel,
1302, artist-Momik, Matenadaran,
MS 6792, pg. 11b
8. Nativity, Gospel, 1323, artist- Toros
Taronatsi, Matenadaran, MS 6289,
9. Annunciation, Gospel, 1378, artist-
Grigor Tatevatsi, Matenadaran,
MS 7482, pg. 248b

Text and images provided by the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts.

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