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Matenadaran: Photos (before and after restoration) Stand 4 side 1

 Over time many Armenian manuscripts were damaged, due to unfavorable conditions in preservation or deliberate abuse by their captors. Some were repaired, restored and completed in Medieval workshops. Others were lost.

Still others that survive to this day though in a damaged state are repaired in specialized restoration studios. The Restoration Department of Matenadaran has a history of 50 years of restoration experience. Skilled specialists work on manuscripts using modern equipment and materials.

Thanks to the hard work of the specialists in the Restoration Department at the Matenadaran, a great number of valuable manuscripts have resurrected again.

Photos (before and after restoration)

1. Echmiadzin Gospel”, 989, written
at Bgheno –Noravank,Matenada-
ran MS 2374
2. “Haghbat Gospel”,1211, written at
the Haghbat Monastery,
illuminated at Ani Bekhents
Monastery, Matenadaran, MS
3. “Four Horsemen Bible”, 14th
century, written in Syunik region,
Matenadaran, MS 6305

Text and images provided by the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts.

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