Silk Road: Selim Pass/ Caravanserai

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This caravanserai is but one of many in Armenia; overnight spots for caravans laden with goods meant for markets in Europe and the Orient.

Working period/season

Year round

How to reach

Selim Pass Caravanserai is about 2-3 hours from Yerevan, depending on your vehicle and driver. There are two routes you can take: the Southern Route follows the M2 highway 120 km and past Areni to Getap, turning north on the M10 towards Martuni. The caravanserai is about 35 km uphill from Getap. The northern route takes the Sevan highway (M4) 64 km to the Sevan-Gavar cloverleaf, then going south on the M10 64 km and past Gavar to Martuni.