Yerevan: Tsarski Arami Street

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Yerevan Walking Tour: Tsarskaya (Arami) Street

Yerevan Walking Tour: Tsarskaya (Arami) Street

This cross street was named for Tsar Nikolai I, who visited Yerevan in 1837). It was named Arami after Aram Manukian, the “Popular Dictator” and Minister of Internal Affairs for the First Republic (1919-1921). In Soviet times it became known as Spandarian, then named Arami again in the 1990s.

Like Behbutov (Busand) it was a fashionable side street to Astafian, graced with 19th century “Armenian Belle Époque” mansions, the last few of which are about to be demolished to make way for new development. A few houses hang on for now, and a walk is worth it for two jewels of old Yerevan; the Art Nouveau Afrikian Profit House and a stone workshop for a master khachkar carver.

The Afrikian Profit House (27) is located one block west of Arami, past the Georgian Embassy then right at the corner where the beautiful Mehrabian style Fadeh Tadevosian House (28) is perched with a protruding round tower second floor. Continue half a block to the large building with stunning carvings of animals, nymphs and classical legends, including Lea and the Swan.

Backtrack to Arami and turn right (West) and go to the end of the block; on the left you will be rewarded with small outdoor Stone Carving Workshop (29): in his workshop in the very heart of Yerevan, the master continues the centuries-old traditions of khachkar-carving, using the secrets of the ancestor's craftsmanship and striving for perfection. Backtrack to Abovian.

Original text edited by the International Council on Monuments and Sites-Armenian National Committee (ICOMOS/Armenia).