Yerevan: Water Boy

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Yerevan Water Boy (“Cold Yerevan Water”)

Yerevan Water Boy (“Cold Yerevan Water”)

Peering out from the trees and shrubbery, the small Yerevan Water Boy (14) statue (1970, sculptor H.Bejanian), commemorates one of the most endearing symbols of Old Yerevan.

Water boys used to walk along the streets of the old city with clay jugs slung over their shoulders and a bowl in hand, offering a refreshing drink of cold, clean Yerevan water; they walked through the dusty, noisy streets of the old Abovian, singing out their ware : “Water! Cold Yerevan water!”

No longer a part of the city's life, these ragamuffin merchants are still remembered through the many knife sharpeners, vegetable and fruit vendors and matsun (yogurt) sellers that still move through the courtyards of Yerevan calling out their wares.

Original text edited by the International Council on Monuments and Sites-Armenian National Committee (ICOMOS/Armenia).