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The cathedral, referred to as both Zvartnots and Grigor Lusavorich by medieval historians, was built at the spot where legend has it Grigor Lusavorich met and cured the mad king T’rdat, thus initiating the conversion of the country to Christianity as the state religion (the first nation to do so, in 301)

Working period/season

Year around

Working days


Working hours


Ticket price

Children: 100 AMD
Adults: 250 AMD
Foreigners: 700 AMD
Excursion: 1000 AMD
Excursion with foreign language: 2000 AMD

How to reach

(Cognac Factory), where the Echmiadzin Highway (M5) begins. From the factory continue about 3 km to the cloverleaf intersection for “Bangladesh” neighborhood; Continue W on the (M5) for about 2.5 km to the retail and casino district for Argavand. There is a stop light at the village entry; take a L (S) onto a narrow road that winds its way behind the furniture shops and casinos for about 200 m to a R (W) that leads to the WWII monument at ARGAVAND.


In 2000, Zvartnots, along with the churches of Hripsimeh, Guyaneh and the Mother See at Echmiadzin, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.