Nature Trail 2010: Kirants-Samson Gorges Bird Trail

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The entire diversity of bird species (around 80 bird species) seen at different times of the year in this beautiful and mesmerizing Samson gorge is determined by the continuity of forest cover with dense understory, lush forest floor, tall grass stands and open and shrubby glade habitats, as well as small rocky outcrops in the upper parts of the gorge.

Working period/season

Year round

Working days


Working hours

dawn to dusk

Ticket price

no charge

How to reach

To get there, take the highway past Dilijan and Idjevan and then the Noyemberian road to Kirants Village. As you leave the village on the highway, look for our road signs and follow them to the entrance to the forest at the edge of Ajarkut village. It is about 168 km from Yerevan, or 2.5-3 hours from Yerevan.