Short Description 2012

Tornare alla Pagina Principale

AMAP works to raise awareness of and protect Armenian monuments in Armenia through the erection of multi-language information boards at each site. Beginning in 2008, we have installed over 350 panels and markers at 175 locations in Armenia.

In addition we work with local communities adjoining monuments to identify ways they can obtain income from visitors to sites, giving them the incentive to protect and maintain their cultural patrimony. To this end, we created welcome centers at two villages in Armenia that enabled income-generation through locally produced traditional products and other services they can provide to visitors. This process educates the community to the importance of their patrimony and in how preserving that cultural artifact has practical as well as national offshoots.

Marketing Benefits: For the new year we will be replacing older boards with newer, more robust materials, and replacing sponsor brands with those of our new donors. Though this is a donation project that focuses on the social benefits of promoting Armenian heritage, it also provides a unique marketing opportunity to promote your services inside cultural monuments to a dedicated audience of customers acquainting your brand with the culture. It is a deep-rooted positive connection that other types of marketing cannot provide.

As compared to broadcast marketing through billboards and other media, the opportunity to support this programme of heritage and community development can be quite competitive.

Equivalent cost per panel is as low as $0.64 per panel per day for exclusive sponsors.

Our 2012 programme lies in three directions:

1) Renewing or replacing 183 multi-language information panels at 48 sites throughout Armenia with new boards and new sponsor brands;

2) A 2 -year program beginning in 2012 with majority funding by the EU*, The Black Sea Silk Road Corridor (BSSRC) linking monuments on a thematic tour with local (rural) and environmental development through tourism in Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Greece: 45 sites in Armenia, 114 multi-language panels with sponsor branding, 5 smart phone APPs and web portal, public events, community development. We are seeking supplemental funding for the Armenian portion only.

3) Matenadaran 2012: 74 panels and exhibition boards with sponsor branding installation at the new wing of the museum.

We are asking donors to consider funding one or more of these initiatives. Funding the Armenian portion of the second initiate (BSSRC) will allow us to receive up to €329,000 from the EU while giving you two year's promotion on all panels, APPs and Web site for the entire multi-country program.

Please consider funding one, two or part of one of our initiatives! Your donation will make all the difference for Armenia's culture, and put your brand at its most precious sites, where millions can view your support of Armenian Heritage.